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Cover 2/3 of your training costs with the Canada Job Grant.

Front-line workers are the face of your company. Your company has spent a lot of money and time creating the standards and messages that resonate with your customer needs, but your customers will only remember the last contact they had with one of your staff or representatives.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 68% of customers stop doing business with a company due to poor customer service. With hospitality services the fall-out can be even more dramatic as customer service is the most memorable part of the experience, and therefore the main driver of your return business.

Standing out in your customers mind with connection and care puts those memories. and your business, at the top of their list.


In approaching your front-line customer service training needs, you'll want to consider:

  • Dealing With 'Difficult' Customers: Receiving feedback, separating the problem from the person, active listening and paraphrasing, finding amenable options, passing to authority.
  • Our Goals Align: What customer service skills can do for your career path, mentoring programs, in-house advancement, incentive programs.
  • The Effect of One: First impression/reactions, anticipation of needs, response time, personalization, accuracy, follow up.
  • The Effect of Many: Customer service is a Team sport, Trust, Communication and Collaboration.
  • Service That Stands Out: Small levers for big results, how the 80/20 rule works in customer service.

We create and modify programs, courses and simulations to suit you and your company's needs throughout Alberta and BC.

Get the best results from your high stakes interactions through realistic practice in live simulations.


Contact us to see if we are right for your customer service goals.

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